Preparations for the Trip

What happened the day before

Rotterdam, NL - Only five days before the trip we (Erik and me) decided where to go. Last year we went to New York, which was really cool, so now we had to go somewhere as good or even better. We knew we wanted to get a Fly and Drive, but that was the only thing we decided. On such a short notice the only options they had at the travel agency were Orlando, Johannesburg and Cape Town. I've made tougher decisions in my life :)

After a few short phone calls we had made up our minds, we were gonna go to South Africa! We were really lucky, we had the last two available seats on the plane! This was gonna be soooo cool. I've always wanted to go there, if only for the language. When I was younger I spent hours looking at the names of towns there... At the other side of the world they had the same town names as in Holland (Middelburg, Utrecht, Haarlem etc.)

I was really excited, and the best thing about it was that we were leaving Monday already! This also meant that we had to get an international driver license and injections against hepetitus a. It was a close call, but we managed to arrange everything. They hadn't mentioned getting an international driver license at the travel agency, it was only because someone else mentioned it that we got one. Imagine getting to South Africa to drive around the country and then finding out that the nice people at Europcar refuse to give you the keys to your car....

If you're still reading you might be interested to fly with me to day 1...

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